Quarantine essentials for coronavirus

With COVID-19 cases already breaking new record every other day and the whole city already under lockdown, the only way to curb this outbreak is to self-isolate as much as possible, avoid outings and follow the guidelines of social-distancing strictly. As a matter of fact, we all might be stuck in one place and it becomes imperative to have access to bare minimals that you need within those quarters and there is a definite need for quarantine essentials for coronavirus. Most of us are quite confused and have been looking around various articles in order to find out the ways to deal with the current situation.

With this post, we have thought through some of the quarantine essentials for coronavirus situations that should be stocked for you to survive over a longer period with self-isolation, in order to make sure that you are doing okay when the world goes upside down with the spread of coronavirus, or for that matter any other natural threat or emergency situation.

N95 Mask

Demand for N95 masks has really skyrocketed with coronavirus outbreak and manufacturers are still falling short of demands. It is essential in case, god forbid, someone in your family catch holds of this virus. If used by infectant, N95 mask will stop the spread of the virus which normally spreads by sneezing and coughing. N95 comes in various sizes so it must be properly scrutinized before making purchase decision, as the misfit size will be complete waste of money. The best way to check whether the face mask is correct fit for you is – by breathing in, you should feel in a little bit suction while wearing face mask.

3M N95 mask

3M N95 Mask

Suited for work settings that involve heat, humidity or long periods of wear, such as: bagging, drilling, grinding, machining, sanding, sawing & virus outbreak.

Hand Sanitizer

In order to ensure that you are maintaining hygiene in the cramped conditions, it is essential that you wash your hands regularly with soap or hand wash. While it is recommended to properly scrub your hands using soap and water to stop the spread of germ and virus, but if you want to have a quick line of defense solution on the go without water and soap, then hand sanitizer is a comes to the rescue. Purell, Dettol, Body wipes are some of the essentials that comes in this category which can disinfect your skin.

You should ideally have hand sanitizer with you all the time especially if you are travelling around. The best pick is to choose those hand sanitizers which can easily fit in your pocket.

Visit best hand sanitizers page to learn more about hand sanitizers types and uses.

US / Others


New Life
Hand sanitizer with anti-septic properties


Hygienix hand sanitizer

Pocket friendly hand sanitizer.

Medicine and First Aid kit

This is definitely one of the most recommended kit to have it to make to your list. You just want to make sure that it is fresh one though, and not use the old dusty kit.

Few major medicines, equipments and other additionals that definitely needs to be mentioned in the first-aid kit list are

  • Scissors & Bandages
  • Medications like Paracetamol for fever, ibuprofen & acetaminophen for pain relief, benadryl for allergy, anti-diarrheal medication, cough syrups etc.
  • Antiseptic towelettes to disinfect skin and clean a wound
  • Eye drop for itchy and irritation in eyes
  • Pain relief ointments like Omnigel, Volini spray, or Fast relief.
  • Thermometer to measure temperature
  • Electrolyte solutions which is used to manage fluid loss due to diarrhea and vomiting. Electral Powder is good choice here.
  • Vitamin C solution – Best Vitamin C supplements for improving immunity

If you have kids at home, please reserve some space for baby diapers and diaper rash cream as well.

US / Others


Complete package for all first-aid essentials.



First-aid kit with all kinds of basic toolkits.

Emergency freeze dried food

With the shelf life of around 20-25 years, freeze dried food is definitely one of the no-brainer stock item of your list. You should reserve this only for emergency times which can happen due to natural disasters, war or virus outbreak. These can also be used for camping and hiking purposes as well when you don’t have much around, so you can easily stash these in your backpacks.

Other items that can make it to this list are Canned foods, Chocolate bar, Granola bars, dry fruits and peanut butter.

Now talking about perishable food items which have a little longer life without packaging needs, it is recommended to have following in the list as well since their consumption helps in improving immunity and helps fight coronavirus to a great extent. It includes the likes of garlic, pomegranate juice, ginger, sweet potato, mushrooms, broccoli and spinach. Apart from food items, it is also recommended to keep additional drinking water in reserve for at least 2 weeks.

US/ Others


Wise Company
Minimum 10 years shelf life.



Nutty Gritties
Dried food with longer shelf life.

Laundry Sanitizer

If you want to continue your daily workouts during lockdown times, your clothes might start smelling out. So laundry sanitizer comes to the rescue. There is no bleach in it but it will totally sanitize your laundry.

It is recommended to keep all your wearables washable and natural i.e. use more of cotton fibres than synthetic ones, since synthetic fibres contain some form of plastics that are harder to sanitize.

US/ Others


Kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria with complete clean power.



Removes 99.9% of germs and odor causing bacteria.

Sterile gloves

This is of great use if there is a chance for virus outbreak or nuclear leakages. This will keep your hands safe from coming in contact with any external pathogens that might prove to be dangerous for your body. Nitrile gloves are one of the most recommended medical gloves which acts as your second layer of skin. This can come in handy for those who are medical professionals, or else it will be useful for you if someone in your family is already infected and you have to take care of the patient at home itself.


Nitrile Gloves

Latex Free, Powder Free,Disposable Nitrile Industrial Gloves,Waterproof Medical Exam Gloves

Disinfecting wipes

This can be used to clean dirty surfaces at home and remove germs thereby lowering the risk of spreading infection. This can be used for household common areas like tables, door-knobs, light-switches, toilet, sinks, atc. Also, it can be applied over devices like mobile and laptops which are frequently touched devices as well.

US / Others


Helps clean your hands which helps to reduce illness caused by germs



For gentle cleansing and moisturizing your baby’s delicate skin.


In order to find out the best thermometer, you have to ensure that readings are as per the expectations. Even the slightest variation in readings could lead to misleading information.

So before buying any thermometer, you should ensure that you can read the insert because certain thermometers might read the information differently. For example, thermometers which are normally scanned on forehead normally reads a degree lower than body temperature. So if you read the insert, you have the option to add a degree from your results. So the best tip for a thermometer is to read the directions and edit the degree of variation from the current measurement.

US/ Others


Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer.



Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer. Fully automated.

Paper Towels

In times like Coronavirus, the common rule-book says the disposable is better choice. It is always better to use Kleenexes over handkerchief. Also, hand towels should be replaced with paper towel, especially if there is someone sick in your family. Instead of using the same thing again and again, you should dispose it off after using it once. Similarly, you should also resort for tissues, toilet papers etc products to fill the gap.



Kleenex multi fold towels are soft and highly absorbent for reduced waste.



Disposable tissue for sniffles, sneezes, happy tears, makeup smudges or more.

Brass keychain

Once the covid-19 situation fades away, and the lockdown eases there are good chances that the second wave would hit again and this will keep on happening on a cyclical basis until vaccination is rolled out at global scale. So if you come outdoors, you may come across situations where you need to come in contact with surfaces which are mostly touched by general public like elevator buttons, ATM machine buttons, door handles and the list is endless. Regular use of hand sanitizer and wearing gloves helps to contain the spread of virus to a greater extent, still there is a need to change the earlier ways. This key chain serves as an extension of your finger and creates a barrier between your hands and all other surfaces. Also, keychains are naturally antimicrobial i.e. the germs cannot grow on the surface of these metals.

But it has to be noted that lifetime of virus on copper material is not zero, so you should still exercise your caution here while putting the keychain back in the pocket. Though it helps a great deal in preventing the spread of the contagious virus to a great extent as the copper metal surfaces are inhospitable for these viruses which mostly survives for around 3 days if it was any other surface.

We would still recommend brass keychain as long term tool to help contain the spread of the virus, if you don’t have hand sanitizer or gloves at your disposal.


Germkey Brass

Opens and closes door handles, pushes keypad buttons on ATMs and Elevators, works on most touchscreens and signature pads, carries shopping bags.

Home workout system

If you are going to stay at home for a longer period than expected, it becomes essential to keep working out on a regular basis. This is because body without exercise can easily contract any disease out there. The demand for online fitness classes has already spiked during Covid-19 outbreak as people stayed home for much longer than expected period. There are endless options to resort to like yoga, zumba routines, Tabata and other weight exercises. Please visit our site to get more detail about essential gym equipments.


It is recommended to keep low-maintenance Lithium-ion batteries in stock which is rechargeable and can be used to power up portable & necessary electronics like Mobile, Laptops and tablets.

Portable solar panels provides a handy way to power up your bare essentials like phone charging, bulbs and lights etc. as well. The only demerit is typical output of solar panel is about 100 watts and it won’t be much to take care of all the electrical appliances.

US/ Others


AA8 energizer
World’s Longest Lasting Double A Battery with power retention for 20 years.



Dual charge technology for simultaneous charge of the power bank and a phone.

Water purification tablets

It is a great means to ensure that the water intake in your body is not affected and germ content is greatly reduced. But again, one should study in detail about whether it is going to add value for the lockdown. The reason why we listed water purification tablets as one of the essentials is because sometimes during lockdown or natural disaster, the water supply may get affected by floods or by earthquakes, and hence the supply of water may get compromised. In those times, water purification tablets will be a great rescue agent. It contains chlorine dioxide which can destroy viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic agents as well.

US/ Others


Potable Aqua
Makes contaminated water suitable to drink within 35 minutes



Aqua Pure
Makes Water Sterile, Safe, Disinfected, Germfree & Pure quickly for drinking.

Basic disaster kit

This is recommended only for extreme times like tornado, massive earthquake, biological or chemical attack, fires, snowstorms or during national emergencies. This kit can include items for basic survival like proper linen clothing, means to light a fire, survival knife, whistle, compass, signal mirror, cord, map of your area and first-aid survival kit. You should essentially pack all these items together in air-plastic bags and keep it somewhere safe in your home.

Survival Medicines and first aid book

It should be understood that when the outbreak is already at it’s peak, visiting hospital may not be the great option left. In fact, we need to change ourselves and prepare ourselves to a certain degree to confront few of the situations that could arise. This book covers all sorts of situational cases that could pop up during emergency times and help you with identifying the best step for do-it-yourself purpose.

Atlast, our prayers to those who are still going through the brunt of coronavirus and we encourage to continue your support towards the health-workers who have been toiling hard all this time to help victims get through it. God bless us all !!

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