Coronavirus or Covid-19 is generally a large family of viruses which is caused by infection from animals including bats, cats and camel (as per the claims). This is highly transmissible disease that has vicious effects the cure for which is not yet discovered by scientists. Covid-19 can easily spread to new hosts when an infected person sneezes or coughs as they expel bits of virus as aerosols particles in the air. The people who are in close proximity to the infected patients are most prone to infection; that means the medical staff are most vulnerable. With COVID-19 cases already breaking new record every other day and the whole city already under lockdown, the only way to curb this outbreak is to self-isolate as much as possible, avoid outings and follow the guidelines of social-distancing strictly. Fitastra is bringing a lot more updates and related articles on Covid-19.

Best Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has been one of the most trending and must-have items of your bucket list in recent time in order to contain coronavirus and…

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