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There are tons of supplements out there in the market for vitamins and minerals that converts food into energy and repairs cellular damage. It promises to carry multiple benefits like healing wounds, increasing bone density, bolstering the immunity system of the body and has proven to be a most beneficial ingredient for everyday skin care routine. Vitamin-C is one of the essential vitamins that means body can’t reproduce it on its own. The best Vitamin-C supplement is known for boosting immunity and not only prevents common cold but also helps in thwarting illness like cancer and heart related diseases. In fact, research has proven that taking up Vitamin-C supplements can reduce the duration of illness by 10% for adults and around 15% for children.

How Vitamin-C helps in immunity?

Normally, free radicals are generated inside the body owing to exposure towards UV rays, air pollution, or by body’s metabolism as well. These free radicals can damage cells and tissues within the body if left unchecked. Vitamin C comes to rescue here and is considered as great antioxidant which helps in neutralizing these free radicals.

Besides this, Vitamin C also helps in synthesizing hormones and building up collagen which helps in maintaining supple skin, health-looking hair, removing wrinkles/dark spots and promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Top Vitamin-C Tablets in India



Avg. Review: 4.5
Avg. Price: INR 300
Brief:Great addition for gym goers to strengthen their immunity, treat viral infection, improve heart health, skin elasticity and hair growth.

Nature’s Bounty


Avg. Review: 4.5
Avg. Price: INR 1857
Brief: Widely used nutritional supplement which provides potent antioxidant support and supports immune function, joints, heart & blood vessels

Now Foods


Avg. Review: 4.5
Avg. Price: INR 2750
Brief: Supports immune system & tissue growth & repair due to its role in the formation of collagen and protects body cells from free radicals.

Top Vitamin-C Tablets in US/ International market



Bulk supplement

Avg. Review: 5
Avg. Price: $17
Brief: Excellent source of Vitamin C with powerful antioxidants for boosting immunity, cardiovascular health & collagen production for healthy skin.

Super absorption

Dacha Vitamin C


Avg. Review: 5
Avg. Price: $12
Brief: Made with high potent natural ingredients which uses power of Powerful Absorbing Liposomal Technology to help you BOLSTER IMMUNITY.


Nutrivein Vitamin C


Avg. Review: 4.5
Avg. Price: $17
Brief: Lipsomal formula with enhanced absorption, powerful antioxidant properties, fat soluble & promotes collagen production. For greater immunity & healthy lifestyle.


Naturelo Vitamin C


Avg. Review: 4
Avg. Price: $24
Brief: Naturally organic high potent supplement with enhanced absorption using added bioflavonoid. Can be used once in a day only.

Is Vitamin-C useful for coronavirus?

Also, in the recent coronavirus study, it has been proven by doctors that increasing the dosage of vitamin C could help control symptoms for COVID19 patients if given on a regular basis. It is a great supplement to ward off any common cold related illness.

We have highlighted other important kits apart from medicine/ Vitamin C coronavirus essentials to have in the lockdown. Visit our section – Quarantine essentials for coronavirus to learn more.

Vitamin-C Dosage

The recommended dosage of Vitamin C depends on multiple factors like age, sex and current health conditions. The best to do in order to meet the daily requirement of Vitamin C is to consume vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. But otherwise, you can always go ahead with Vitamin C supplements without any side effects (if taken in moderately).

As per the doctor’s recommendations, effective dosage of Vitamin C is 90 mg for adult men and 75 mg for adult women. People with bad healthy living or someone like smoking and drinking, they should take additional 40 mg for each of the above category as they deplete Vitamin C from the body. Excessively high dosage of Vitamin C can result in side effects like abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea to name a few. Note that if vitamin supplements are taken in the above prescribed fashion, the body can absorb around 80% of it, but if it is taken in excess, the body can only absorb 50% of it and the remaining part leads to side effect.

Effectiveness of Vitamin-C

It is very important to remember that Vitamin C by itself is not the complete solution for everything. It also needs to be accompanied by other sources like protein, carbs, fibre, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc etc. minerals to bolster your immunity system.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C may offer multitude of health benefits which can include following.

  1. Vitamin C is very effective to fight stress – a condition which is widespread in our society. It is one of the nutrients which gets highly depleted for someone who smokes, drinks and are obese, all these conditions which leads to stress. So having Vitamin C helps in controlling stress and keeps your mood upbeat.

  1. Vitamin C has established it’s forte in fighting common cold and flu like symptoms. Regular usage of Vitamin C can reduce the risk of developing common ailments to further complications like pneumonia and lung infections.

  1. People who eat high amount of fruits and vegetables have higher level of Vitamin C in their blood and almost 40% lesser chance of having stroke.

  1. Vitamin C also affects skin cells of the body thereby controlling skin ageing. Those with higher usage of Vitamin C would have less likelihood of wrinkles, dry skins, loose hairs and brittle nails.

  1. Also, Vitamin C helps a great deal in providing other health benefits like collagen production within the body which ensures healthy skin, aids in greater absorption of iron by the body, improves wound healing by catalysing clots, and helps in maitnenance of bones, cartilege, loose teeth & gums.

Vitamin C serum

In general, Vitamin C serum is mostly used as part of everyday skin care routine and should be applied before applying moisturizer. They can be used multiple times during the day but the recommended timing is morning and evening. The antioxidative properties of Vitamin C in morning application helps to shield free radicals from pollution, dust and ultra violet rays. While before sleeping, if we apply serum, it helps in rejuvenating the cells and builds up the required collagen for healthy skin.

Top Vitamin-C serums in India



Avg. Review: 4
Avg. Price: INR 300
Brief: Superior anti-oxidant serum for acne control and collagen production which helps in wrinkles, dark spots and pigmented skins.

Honest Choice


Avg. Review: 5
Avg. Price: INR 400
Brief: Certified anti-aging formula which stimulates collagen and helps in reducing dark spots, acne, wrinkles and improves skin texture.



Avg. Review: 4.5
Avg. Price: INR 350
Brief: Advanced skin brightening serum highly effective for dark spots, hyper pigmentation, blemishes and uneven tones on the face.



Avg. Review: 4.5
Avg. Price: INR 2500
Brief:  Improve skin texture and brightness with intense moisture and balance. Proven anti-aging skincare properties for fine lines & wrinkles

Top Vitamin-C Serums in US/International

Tree of Life


Avg. Review: 4.5
Avg. Price: $11
Brief: Powerful organic serum with powerful antioxidants that targets wrinkles and fine lines with anti-aging properties.


Cosmedica US

Avg. Review: 4.5
Avg. Price: $13
Brief: Improve skin texture and brightness with intense moisture and balance. Proven anti-aging skincare properties for fine lines & wrinkles

There are multiple other top supplements that works wonder for healthy skin and hair that are listed below.

Omega oils

It is a great addition to bolster your skin’s health by helping to keep enough moisture within the skin, also helps in protecting joints, eyes and brain. The natural source of omega oil is very difficult to obtain as it resides only with fish. So, this supplement can act as a great rescue for your soft and healthy skin.

Coenzyme Q10

This is considered as one of the best sources for skin and hair supplement as it helps in boosting skin health, rejuvenates cells and boosts energy production. It is not quite commonly found in natural food sources as it mostly resides in organic meats, oily fish and grains, so this supplement is must go.


If you are heading out on a sunny day, application of carotenoids is a must. It helps in absorbing excess UV rays and free radical due to dust and pollution thereby protecting skin from pigmentation, red marks and dry spots. It will show the best results before applying sunscreen.


As we age, our skin tissue starts to thin out and hence wrinkling. Collagen supplement helps in boosting skin cells reproduction, boosts skin hydration and gives longer life to skin tissue thereby preventing aging of the skin.

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