Best Green Tea

Green Tea with its multiple potent health benefits has already taken the world by storm and not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon yet. If you are not already consuming, then it’s high time to reconsider your wellness routine. This post has listed out some of the top varieties of best green tea for good health and great focus throughout the day.

Green Tea

Our ancestors have been consuming it for generations because of these benefits which is unparalleled. It is generally used as an antioxidant boost due to the fact that it retains maximum antioxidants and polyphenols while getting processed which aids in health benefits.

Best Seller

Lipton Green Tea


Review: 4.5/5
Approx. Price: 352
Brief: A well-known brand with several flavors and attributes like weight reduction, boosting immune system and skin glowing characteristics.


Tetley Green Tea


Review: 4.5/5
Approx. Price: 352
Brief: A natural green tea which works wonder to to your skin and heart. Comes with great taste, rich flavor and soothing aroma.


Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

Organic India Tulsi

Review: 4.5/5
Approx. Price: 150
Brief: Refreshing and delicious green tea with tulsi which boosts stamina, strengthens immunity, helps in weight reduction and improves digestion

Other great Green Tea brands – Special mention

Girnar Green Tea

Review: 4.5/5
Approx. Price: 325
Brief: Detox green tea bags with masala chai flavor beneficial for bloated stomach, seasonal cough and cold.

LaPlant Green Tea, Long Leaf

Review: 4/5
Approx. Price: 219
Brief: Offers exotic blends with high amount of anti-oxidants. Recommended by expert tea tasters for its taste.

Typhoo Green Tea

Review: 4/5
Approx. Price: 320
Brief: 100 year old iconic british brand offering natural herb product for weight reduction, immune and skin glow.

Best Matcha Green Tea

Twinings Green Tea

Review: 4/5
Approx. Price: 354
Brief: Built with “Sencha” style, this green tea has smooth flavor, mild characteristics and has proved to have been successful for vexed stomach

Heapwell Japanese Matcha Green tea

Review: 4.5/5
Approx. Price: 499
Brief: One of the Matcha green tea with great anti-oxidant properties to boost metabolism. Works great for someone with disease and addiction.

Kimino Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Review: 4.5/5
Approx. Price: 499
Brief: High quality Matcha tea with anti-stress and metabolism booster properties which can give you all day energy, mental clarity and focus.

Best Premium Green Tea

Harney and Sons
Harney & Sons

Review: 4.5/5
Approx. Price: 2060
Brief: Premium herbal tea sourced from Egypt’s chamomile flowers with benefits like treating diabetes, acne, skin conditions, sleep and digestion.

Teamonk Spearmint Green Tea

Review: 4/5
Approx. Price: 1170
Brief: Spearmint green tea with natural ingredients and low caffeine levels. Helps for weight loss, relaxation and refreshing taste

Davidsons Green Tea

Review: 4.5/5
Approx. Price: 2077
Brief: Strong deep flavor organic tea from china with USDA certification and made using CO2 method of decaffeination at a reasonable price

Benefits of Green Tea

Scientific research has already proven that green tea can create a stimulating effect to energize us and keep us focused without any side effects of coffee products. Traditionally, it has been used to control bleeding, heal wounds, aid digestion, improve heart and mental health and regulate body temperature.

One of the its ingredients i.e. catechin helps in increasing the overall immunity of the body by preventing bacteria and viruses in cells.

Also it is helps in fast-tracking weight loss by boosting metabolism, with multiple others benefits like controlling diabetes, reducing cholesterol levels and also has cancer-fighting properties.

Research has also claimed that Green tea has anti-aging effects by scavenging for free-radicals in the body cells and prevents damage to the tissues. To add further, their extracts helps in protecting skin from UV damage by the sun rays.

Lastly and importantly for someone who drinks alcohol regularly, it can help detoxify the toxic level of alcohols, so its recommended to go for cup of green tea rather than opting for coffee.

Green tea for weight loss

In order to understand about the science behind weight loss effects of green tea, first thing to understand is the chemical consumption. It is made from a tea plant known as Camellia sinensis which is minimally processed and sold in loose tea bags. These tea leaves contain caffeine and amino acid known as L-theanine as one of the primary products. Whereas caffeine helps in boosting energy for powering you through intense workout, on the other hand L-theanine slows the release of caffeine resulting in smoother energy boost. Apart from this, their leaves are also packed with antioxidants like polyphenols and catechin. Catechin with one of its major product ingredient ECG (epigallocatechine gallate) also increases fat oxidation to shed body fat.

Now coming to the weight loss effects, research has proven that people who drink it regularly along with exercise tends to lose average of two pounds body fat on a monthly basis compared to those who don’t exercise at all. It also helps the liver to convert body fat into energy with exercise. Also, it’s important to make sure of the fact that you are choosing those varieties which have “0 gm” of sugar and “0 Calories” per serving for maximum impact.

Difference between Green Tea and Black Tea

Both green tea and black tea actually come from the same plant only difference being the fact that they are processed slightly differently. For black tea, tea leaves are fermented to raise the level of caffiene. While for green tea, leaves are first dried and then slightly steamed to retain its natural benefits. Green team comprises of multiple health benefits like lower level of caffeine, powerful antioxidants, amino acids and multiple vitamins (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E)

Green tea vs Matcha

Matcha is an advanced form of green tea with few more changes in processing and concentration levels and is considered to be even much healthier variant. Also, it is prepared in traditional Japanese way.

The processing for Matcha is a little different where tea bushes are covered from sunlight for around a month which turns the leaf a little darker with increased levels of chlorophyll and amino acids. They are then further grinded to turn into a fine green powder known as Matcha. It has higher concentration of antioxidants than the usual green because of its concentrated form. A single cup of matcha is equivalent to three cups of high-quality green tea. Furthermore, Matcha is very effective in fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi, along with reducing the risk of kidney, liver damage, sugar and cholesterol levels. Other health benefits majorly includes maintaining healthy arteries, promoting cell repair and fighting inflammation in the body. On last note, it is a powerhouse when it comes to weight loss aids.

Side effects of Green Tea

There are certain risks for certain individual which they need to be aware of though –

  • Those with caffeine sensitivity should avoid it as it would lead to insomniac effects, nausea and upset stomach.
  • For someone who is using blood thinner drugs should use it with caution as it may reduce clotting effectiveness of blood platelets.
  • It already stimulates body so should be avoided along with stimulant drugs thereby causing blood pressure and heart rate.

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  • June 5, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    It is very easy to go wrong while brewing green tea. It needs to be brewed at the right temperature, for the right amount of time. For that perfect cup of tea, the optimal temperature is 80 degree Celsius. Anything over this temperature and you risk your tea turning bitter. Green tea has a lot of elements in it that contribute to its complex flavor.


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